Services We Offer

▪ Laundry
▪ Fluff & Fold
▪ Alterations
▪ Leather/Suede Cleaning
▪ Leather/Suede Repairs
▪ All Types of Rug Cleaning
▪ Re-Upholstery of Any Kind
▪ Wedding Gowns
▪ Shoe Repair
▪ Draperies Cleaned & Re-Hung
▪ Household Items
▪ Free Pickup & Delivery
▪ French Reweaving
▪ Professional Dyeing


Shirts 'N' Skirts is a full service Dry Cleaners, specializing in the pick up and delivery of Dry Cleaning, Laundry, and Wash & Fold garments to apartment tenants, business offices, houses, etc.

We offer a wide range of services that are sure to satisfy any and all of your needs.


Every laundry garment is washed with environment friendly biodegradable detergent and softener giving your garments the best cleaning process.

Fluff & fold

We basically do your laundry for you. Washing, drying, and folding your everyday clothes for you.


Whether your pants are too long, or your suit is too big, our experts will make sure your clothing will look just as sharp as you will like them.

Leather/Suede Cleaning

Whether it’s your mink, fur, leather, or suede our professionals will make your expensive item looks as good as new.

Leather/Suede Repairs

Our experts will repair or alter any of your suede, leather, or fur garments to whatever you like them to look like.

Rug Cleaning

Oriental, Persian, or even the rug from Ikea we will clean and disinfect any type or size of rug.


We can reupholster any of your furniture. Whether it's your couch, your favorite recliner, or even your dining set.

Wedding Gowns

We know how sentimental your wedding dress is to you and put our highest effort to make your dress look just as beautiful the day you wore it. We clean and preserve your dress into a beautiful box for many years of storage.

Shoe Repair

Our shoemaker will make any of your shoes look just as good as new.


We will come and take down your drapes clean and disinfect them, and be glad to hang them back up for you.

Household Items

Whether it’s your comforter, pillows, sheets, or any of your household items we will give them a special touch which will make you run to bed every night.

Free Pickup & Delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery to your house or work. By simply filing out our online form or giving us a call we will try our best to be there ASAP.

French Reweaving

Our French reweaving expert will bring any of your garments back to its original state whether it’s a hole or tear.

Professional Dyeing

Want to change the color of your dress or shirt we can make that happen for you with our 20+ color choices.